mia_in_chains (mia_in_chains) wrote in bookish,

Review of Lunário written by Al Berto
This book is something special. In its core is the life story is a man, his experiences, his opinions, and his friends and their fates, but it also makes us think: is city life as good as it seems?!
I loved this book and it really touched me; Beno’s journey filled with loneliness and heartache and it teaches us something: even though it might distance us from the things we escape, running away may not be the more effective solution for pain.
I recommend this book to everyone who likes reading a book, about the problems that exist in our society but that at the same time isn’t that “heavy”.
P.S: I’m not sure if editions of this books are available out of Portugal but just in case you’re interested in reading it, it was edited by Assírio & Alvim.

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