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The Tenth Hero

Nostalgic books again - 'The Tenth Hero', an Australian kid gets expelled from an English school (it might have been Eton) and hitch-hikes his way back home to take care of his mother. He takes a wrong turn in France and ends up in Athens, finds his way to Mandalay, and eventually to Adelaide. A teacher at the school hears about the trip (wife-beating Dad's been trying to make career hay out of it) and thinks he belongs on the school's list of heroes - nine kids who never graduated, but the school was proud of them any way (one ran away to fight in WW1/2).
I haven't seen it lately, but I will buy it when I do.

Also, If any one knows the name of a YA book about a white kid who runs away from his aunt and uncle, across the country and ends up living with an African-American family. He's allergic to pizza and unravels knots. There's a bit where he's running down the middle of the road that divides the city. I really liked this book and would love to read it again to compare my reactions. Thanks.

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