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first post, whee!

Hello, everyone. I'm a new member and this is my first post. :) I'm currently reading Carl Sagan's Broca's Brain, after finishing (in order) Harlan Coben's Gone for Good, Sidney Poitier's Measure of A Man, Miranda July's Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days, Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm a VORACIOUS reader. So this is my new favorite LJ place. :)

I just want to share my reviews for Specimen and Ms July's short story collection. (Just click on the links.)

As for the other books:

Gone for Good - I really, really loved Tell No One, and this one's also a nail-biter, but Tell No One was written better, I think. Both are told in the first person, but Gone for Good's narrator can be at times, well, cheesy. He made me cringe at certain parts. :(

Measure of A Man - like listening to a very learned grandpa. I love it.

Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman is CRAZY, and i love him. Intriguing collection.

Twilight - um, how will I put this. oh, Sweet Valley High, with vampires. :) Enjoyed the book, but I have a feeling I'll enjoy the movie more, and that's not always a good omen for the author.

Now, what do you think? :D I'd love to hear your comments on any of the books mentioned here.

Again, don't you just love this place?


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