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I know that some people are frustrated by the many recent intro posts. I'm not one of them - I think it's nice to see so many new faces here - but I'd like to propose a simple alternative that I hope will make everyone happy.

Here is a totally unofficial member survey. Rather than writing your own intro post and clogging the Flists of people who don't want them clogged, why not leave a comment filling out the survey and adding anything else you want us to know? That way, those who are interested in the new members can read the comments and those who are not can simply skip it. Long-time members would also be more than welcome to fill it out, hence the first question. PLEASE FILL IT OUT HERE, don't start your own post. You can also fill it out if you already wrote an introduction. Ready? Here we go!

1) How long have you been a member of bookish?
2) Where do you live? (No need to be specific - country and state or province is plenty.)
3) How old are you?
4) What's your favorite book of all time? Favorite author?
5) Are there any genres that you love or hate?
6) Do you usually get books from a bookstore, from a library, from friends, online, or some other way?
7) Any book recommendations you're looking for or want to give us right now?
8) Do you interact with books in any way other than reading them? (Write, edit, study, make book art?)
9) Is there anyone that encouraged your love of reading when you were younger? How did they do it?
10) How have your reading tastes changed in the past five years?
11) Anything else you want to tell us so we can get to know you better?

Also, I'd like to remind disenchanted veteran members that it is very easy to take the community off of your "read" list for a brief period of time - go under "friends" and then "filter friends page." If the introductions are really bugging you, and this doesn't work, maybe that would be a good thing to try.
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