Elle (erraticxthought) wrote in bookish,

French literature

Hello. I require some assistance. At my home university [in the States] we do not offer a class on French literature because we can only afford to have one French professor [or rather we prefer to put our resources elsewhere]. So I have no general perspective on French literature, and I need to acquire one before the 22nd. So great French novels, anyone, that you think someone should read before dying?

If it makes any difference, I'm presently reading Histoire de la littérature française which apparently covers literature from 1789 to the "present" [present being 1914 hahaha] and L'Etranger. I've also read [in English] "No Exit" and Nausea" by Sartre and "La Saison D'Enfer" by Rimbaud and a bit of Baudelaire.

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