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New To The LJ Community and Bookish!


My Name is Casey
I'm really looking for a new book to read (aren't we all?)

I enjoy Romance Books but I feel as though there are just so many you can read before it all seems to repetitive. I also enjoy Manga but I find it silly to pay $10.00 for a book that lasts me less than an hour. I was hoping someone would be able to point me in a general direction of books that would really capture my interest. I'm willing to read almost anything except Religious books since I have never been able to actually sit down and read one.

I'm really partial to books that get me thinking, or weeping. I Love psychology, so any book that really gets me to think about the characters and plot would be more than wonderful. I'm sorry if I'm not really able to explain what I like, I can't really think of a specific type of book that I read.

I have been asked to list a few books that I really do enjoy (Believe me, I have now written down half a dozen (or more) books that I cant wait to buy and read.
Anyway, on to my favorites, hopefully this will help a little.

1. The Dogs Of Babel
2. The Anne Rice Vampire Chronicals
3.  Go Ask Alice
4. Jaid Black's Romance/Horror Books
5. Stephen King (of course!)

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