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Briggs, Patricia: Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf
Writer: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 294

The premise: picking up RIGHT WHERE the novella "Alpha and Omega" left off, Anna returns to Montana with Charles in an effort to start a new life away from her abusive pack in Chicago and to explore what it means to be Charles's mate. Her wolf accepts him, but her human half has been so traumatized that she second-guesses everything, even her importance as an Omega werewolf. But there's bigger problems at large: a rogue werewolf has been killing near the Marrok's territory, and it's up to Charles to take care of it. Only, Charles is still recovering from his own ordeal in Chicago, which means he has to rely on Anna for help. What they discover is something they never thought was possible, and something that, if left loose, could destroy threaten the entire pack.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: but do yourself a favor and read "Alpha and Omega" first. I don't care how you do it, but do it. People say you don't need to, but I think you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't. The book's enjoyable, but in my mind, it was more enjoyable because I was already familiar with the world and characters. No, the voice isn't as strong as the Mercy Thompson books, as it's written in multiple-third, but it's still enjoyable, and again, I really liked learning more about Briggs's werewolves.

A side note: there's an excerpt from the upcoming Mercy Thompson book, Bone Crossed, and I'll go ahead and say this: it picks up IMMEDIATELY (as in, it overlaps) with the final chapter of Iron Kissed, and what you think happens at the end of that IK turns out is not what actually happens in the beginning of BC. Not that I'll get much more besides that first chapter, since the darn book's gonna be in hardback instead of paper, but at least I have a rather interesting resolution to the end of book three. :)

The full review, which does include spoilers, may be found at my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)

REVIEW: Patricia Briggs's CRY WOLF

Happy Reading! :)
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