Anna (_ocelott_) wrote in bookish,

The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey

Publisher: Avon, 1993
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Historical

At first glance, this cover doesn't look too bad. Uninspired and unremarkable, but not eye-searing. But only if you haven't yet realized this is one of those stepback covers, the kind where Fabio and his floozy hide until you try to flip open the book.

Good grief. Personally, I'm rather fond of the matching his and hers eyeshadow. I also appreciate her efforts to hitch a ride on a passing ship as the one they're on is sinking, judging by the amount of water surrounding them, but someone needs to tell her she needs to stick out her thumb as well as show a little leg. He's clearly not going to do it, since he's busy sniffing her hair. To be fair, though, she seems to be really enjoying it.

Full review here.

The heroine, Amy, annoyed the bejeebers out of me. Her constant insisting that she and Warren were meant to be together in spite of him discouraging her at every turn, telling her on several occasions he wants nothing to do with her had me slamming my head against the wall more than once. She took optimism and self-delusion to a whole new level, backed up only by her "instincts" and the fact that she's really hot for this guy. Instead of smacking my own head, though, what I really wanted to do was smack Amy. I didn't feel like they were a perfect fit, I felt like she was a nuisance and he was a grouch.

That being said, the rest of the book was well written. The conflict between the two families was a lot of fun, and the secondary characters were nicely fleshed out. I enjoyed myself thoroughly when the focus wasn't quite so much on Amy's determined and one-sided courtship of Warren, but since the romance was the focus of the book, well, I spent as much time frustrated with the characters as I did enjoying the rest of the book.

I think I'm going to have to give Johanna Lindsey another shot. There was enough good stuff here that I think I might like her books with a different and less irritating heroine. Recommendations welcome.

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