Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote in bookish,
Hemning Sternberg

A Trouble of Fools by Linda Barnes

I was looking at, and for, some new mystery authors. This book looked good. It's a pretty old one, published in the late seventies, but it features a female PI living in Boston. I like female PIs, and I like books that are set in a place where I live or used to live, so I decided to give it a try.

Carlotta is a cab driver turned cop turned PI. She enjoys a good game of volleyball, time spent with her Little Sister, Paolina, and trying to teach her parrot subversive propaganda. But when an elderly Irish lady brings her a missing person case, and pays in cash, she may be getting in over her head. Can she find Eugene Devens? Will she make it to Paolina's band concert? And perhaps most importantly, will she be able to collect the $20,000 reward she is being offered only if she can present the husband she doesn't have for a condo tour?

A firm of Omaha lawyers was pleased to inform me that the above-mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle were the lucky recipients in their GRAND GIVEAWAY...It said trip to Italy, all expenses, twenty thousand dollars.
Claiming the prize was going to be a problem.
I know Mr. T.C. Carlyle pretty damn well. The T. C. stands for Thomas Cat, aka Tom Cat.
I list my home phone under Thomas C. It's okay with him. He loves getting calls from admirers of the late essayist, survey takers, anyone at all...
As far as cats go, Tom's a prize, but I didn't see how I could get him married off in time to claim the trip to Italy or the cash." (p 2)

This book is a little dated, but it has a lot of zip. It also has tons of local flavor. If you like PIs that can be described with words like "zany," or if you're a fan of the city of Boston, you should give it a look. I will try at least one more book in this series. Three stars.

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