jade_glow (jade_glow) wrote in bookish,

13- The Sound of Trumpets

The Sound of Trumpets
John Mortimer
Adult; Political Humour

So, political humour isn't exactly my cup of tea. It might be why I don't like this book as much as I like the rest of Mortimer's stuff. The characters are good, if slightly infuriating, and Lord Titmuss is a very sarcastic ass. He's probably my favourite character in the book.

The plot line pretty much goes: Terry Flitton, head of the Labour Party is assured a defeat in the upcoming election. Tim Willock, head of the Conservative Party is an idiot, and Lord Titmuss wants him to lose. He arranges for Terry to win, by pulling some strings and instructing him, then keeps all records of said instruction and uses them on a TV show to show that Terry did not win the election by himself.

It's 273 pages long, which isn't that much. But it is if you're sitting on tenterhooks the entire time, as the election polls dip and rise again.


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