David (thisplacehere) wrote in bookish,

The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson (2007)

In every major city, there are twelve people in each generation who form the Light troop of the Zodiac, individuals with extraordinary abilities of strength, healing and so forth, whose mission is to battle their Shadow counterparts, maintaining peace and balance. Casino heiress Joanna Archer discovers she is the First Sign of the Zodiac troop of Las Vegas, destined to lead them to victory over the Shadows -- and that her real father is the supernatural entity who leads Vegas's Shadow troop...

I may not have implied it very well in that synopsis, but this is actually pretty good -- better than many a book of its genre that I've previously encountered. This is mainly down to unexpected twists in plot and character that set things up nicely for the ongoing series. I wouldn't quite list it as a must-read (the second half lets the book down a bit), but it's worth a look if it sounds interesting to you.

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