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12- Johnny and the Dead

Johnny and the Dead
Terry Pratchett
Young Adult

Not many people can see the dead. (Not many would want to) Twelve-year-old Johnny Maxwell can. And he`s got bad news for them: the council wants to sell the cemetery as a building site. But the dead aren`t going to take that lying down...especially since it`s Halloween tomorrow. Besides, they`re beginning to find that life is a lot more fun that it was when they were....well...alive...

Particularly if they break a few rules... (Johnny and the Dead)

This book was hilarious. The matter-of-fact way Terry Pratchett treats the sacred dead is so refreshing. I`ve never understood the compulsion to write dead people as zombies. I mean, really, can you imagine your eighty year old Aunt Edna waving a watering can and coming for you?

With a cast of suffragettes, scientists that are cousins to Einstein relatively speaking (get it?), Bolsheviks and people who are technically black, this is a good-humoured, relaxing read.

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