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Book 22. The League of Extraordinary Gentlement Vol 1. By Alan Moore

Book 22. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Vol 1. graphic novel
176 pages

God, Alan Moore has issues.

Don't get me wrong, I am ok with that for the most part. I did love the Watchmen. My review of the Watchmen. It is just that his graphic novels are so disturbingly violent that I don't think they are for everyone. It will make some people just put it down and look for something else to read. But those who don't mind how violent they are, will more than likely enjoy this graphic novel.

I am new to this type of novel and I am really enjoying them. My only reference to this was the movie they made starrting Sean Connery. What a difference! I thought the movie was "ok", and most people I have talked too have thought the same. Not horrible (except from a few people), but definately not good. So, I was excited to read this and see what was what.

Overall, the graphic novel was pretty good. The characters were interesting and had a lot of depth, and the plot was very straight forward in its execution. Definately a contrast from what you saw in the movie (which they obviously toned down), which you woul expect. There was also a story at the end starring Allan Quartermain, which was ok, but not worth going too much into.

My rating. Amazingly good read. 

If you love violence in a comic book/graphic novels, you must love Alan Moore.

I can only wonder what kind of messed up stuff that man has going through his mind on a daily basis. I have heard from friends just how much of a jerk he is in real life, and how he never has a good thing to say about anyone. Which is interesting considering how much time he puts in characterzation in the ones I have read thus far (only two counting the Watchmen).

The good. I love the characters in this story. Mina (Harker) Murray, whom has a mysterious, although famous past. Allan Quatermain, who is a drug ridden, yet brave man. Hawley Griffen, the invisible man. He has absolutely no morals or empathy for anyone. Dr. Jeckyll/Hyde. Jeckyll, a timid and thoughtful man. Hyde, a maniac that loves to kill. And last but not least, Captain Nemo. The strange, yet deadly captain of the Nautius.

The relationship between Murray and Quatermain was interesting. She was touchy to the extreme, always thinking Allan was trying to undermine her. Quatermain on the other side was annoyed by how bossy and controlling she was. They bicker like an old married couple, which makes me wonder if they hook up later.

The other characters were also very good. The group as whole is not exactly the nicest group of individuals you will come across, but by the end of the story, seemed to work pretty well as a group. I also like Hyde not telling Hawley Griffen that he could see him, although it was obvious he could. This includes Moriarty, which used the group at the beginning of the story only to be thwarted by them at the end. His territorial need to fight a war in London was something that they had to stop.

I also liked the waterfall scene between Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes.

The artwork was very good as well. It really painted a picture of 19th century london. The expressions on the characters faces were nice to see as well.

The bad. Mr. Bond was not that interesting of a character. He seemed like a toadie and although he is still around, wasn't that interesting. The story at end with Quatermain was not that interesting. There was some cool moments, but I did not really like Moore's writing style in a true novel form. It was slow and morose.

The ugly. It is a violent, violent graphic novel. Maybe I am getting older, but that took away (just a small bit mind you) from the story a bit. I don't think everyone would like this because of that. But to be fair, this type of graphic novel is not for the weak of heart. :)

Rating system

My rating. Amazingly good read. Overall, it was a lot of fun. The characters were dark and human, but still did what they needed to do to stop Moriarty. Violent, but most people know that coming into this type of graphic novel. I cannot wait to read the second volume (which I will do as soon as I am done with this). 

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