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8- Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck

Hugely uncomfortable to read. The main characters are George and Lennie, who is obviously mentally handicapped. Lennie is very strong, and has a tendency to over-fondle things, often killing them in the process. It's like sitting on a bed of needles when you're reading this book, because you know that it isn't going to end alright, and George and Lennie both have grand ambitions, which you know aren't going to work out. Lennie means well, but you know that he's going to do something wrong sooner or later.

This book is rather sensitive, and it's quite a leap from John Steinbecks normal style. The language is a little coarser, reflecting the life as ranch workers. It's an alright book, but I don't like sad endings.


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