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Recent reads and reading list

Undead and Unappreciated by Mary Janice Davidson

Book 3 of this series was a really quick read only took me 2 days…well approx 2 days. I really loved it, couldn’t put it down. I have a tendency to not be able to put a good book down. My one criticism is this book does not wrap up as nicely as I would have liked. The character of Laura and her mother I would have liked to have more but I get it, it’s a series so can’t really wrap things up nice and neat. I love these characters I am so glad I found this series.

4 out of 5

 Affinity by Sarah Waters

I enjoyed her book Fingersmith. I did not enjoy this one as much. I love the detail Waters puts into her texts. It makes for an easy transition into the novel. I did not like the way this book ended. I felt left hanging. Something that has always bothers me. I do like the plots that she creates and follows. Overall the book was ok.

 2.5-3 out of 5

Undead and Unreturnable by Mary Janice Davidson

I appear to be wiping through this series. Probably because it is such a fantastic read. Davidson is amazing with characters and her novels flow so well. Unlike the third novel this novel wrapped up a little more neatly. Enough that you know another book follows but not as abruptly as the third novel. Looking forward to the next one in the series!

5 out of 5

I am actually heading out to cottage country for the week so I am taking too many books with me. I will post my reviews upon my return…so excited at least 4 days of uninterrupted reading time! (I am guessing four because you have to be social too!). Here is a sample of my reading list

Undead and Unpopular & Undead and Uneasy by Mary Janice Davidson, Dexter in the Dark By Jeff Lindsay, Vanity Fair, Mr. Darcy & Me by Alexandra Potter (if it arrives from bookmooch), The Night Inside by Nancy Baker (if it arrives from amazon) and I am sure there are a few more I have forgotten about.


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