Dannii (lilbob1980) wrote in bookish,

Mansfield Park - Jane Austen

Well this was a book a couldn't predict at all.  There were many things about that time period that I didn't understand and left me perplexed.  Unless it was explained and I missed it, I'm not sure why Fanny was taken from her parents to live with her aunt and uncle Bertram but for whatever reason she was given a much better life than she could have previously had.  She was not brought up however, to have the freedom and privileges that her cousins were having, but still it was a good life.

Life seemed to get all mixed up when the Crawford's arrived and it felt to me that when society is so small that the characters almost had to choose who they fell in love with in case they never met anyone else.

Fanny was an intriguing character, it was obvious to everyone but the characters involved how much she was in love with her cousin Edmond and I felt it was a rushed few pages that indicated that he finally caught up with the reader on this subject.  It was great to see how her character was not affected by the female cousins she was brought up with and her morals stayed untainted.

All in all i actually quite liked this book but I wanted a bit more of the Fanny and Edmond love story.

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