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Book 18. The Watchment by Alan Moore

I have only recently jumped on the graphic novel bandwagon and I have to say I am quite enjoying myself. So someone (who is a huge fan of Alan Moore) chose this for our next book club book. Part of this came from seeing the trailer for the movie that is coming out, which we all agreed looked really good.

So how would the actual graphic novel be?

Pretty damn amazing. It was a great story dealing with issues that a lot of "super heroes" do not deal with. A very gritty look at heroes with problems. A world with problems. It was refreshing to see them not be so perfect. Now, I am not a comic book expert, so I cannot say that comic books do not do this (because I am sure some of them do), but the perception is that "heroes" should be a bit more perfect than the rest of us are. Again that is a generalization, but since I haven't read that many comics, that is all I have.

The ending was quite shocking in the sense that I was not expecting it. Which made it that much more interesting to actually read. It does not end the way things normally do and that was sweet.

The art was very good and represented what a lot of comics looked like in the late 80's.

Overall, very good and I will be looking for more. Possibly V, for Vendetta??? 

If you want to see a more in depth review click here.  Review with spoilers  

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