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 So sometimes I have an issue with committing to one book so I pick two at a time. An experiment I tried–the results were good. Once I got bored with one book I picked up the other. I thought I’d have an issue bouncing between two stories, but nope. Just a healthy way to finish what I’m reading. I do only limit myself to two. I tried three once and that did get to be troublesome. 
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I know. It’s not really my cup of tea, but honestly once I saw the movie trailer I knew I wanted to read the books first. I’m about half way through. I do like a good vampire book, but sometimes the dialogue is a bit repetitive. Perspectives?

Talk about ORGASM! I seriously need to have a cigarette after a couple of pages. I cry too. And I laugh. So far, it is seriously one of those amazing books that jolts you in a different way every time. Truly inspiring.

QUESTION: Ever read a book that you didn’t want to finish simply because you didn’t want it to end? Title please.


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