Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote in bookish,
Hemning Sternberg

Blue Moon by Lori Handeland

This is the first in a series of paranormal romances. The main character is a small-town female police officer named Jessie McQuade. A woman is badly injured when she hits a wolf with her SUV, and McQuade is sent to investigate. She follows the trail of a wolf and finds a gorgeous naked man. Are things about to get hairy?*

I am picky about romance novels, but this one satisfied my criteria. There are a lot of things I liked about it.
1) The heroine is smart. She has common sense and she calls for backup when appropriate.
2) Her love interest is a caring, mature person. Specifically, he appreciates the heroine for more than just her body. Also, although there is some sexy R-rated wrestling, he never pushes past what she's willing to give him.
3) I didn't care that I could see where the plot was going. Most romances are a bit predictable. That's okay, as long as they're good enough that you don't mind, and in this case I didn't. I knew who Jessie was going to end up with, but I really wanted to know how it would happen and what they would say to each other and how they would (inevitably) foil the bad guys.
4) Despite my comment on the predictability of romances, who the bad guys are and what their deal is remains a mystery up until the end.

I enjoyed this book and I will be looking up more of Ms. Handeland's work. Recommended for all fans of love stories with bite!* Four stars.

*Sorry, guys. I tried hard but I couldn't resist.

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