Mrs. Sam Jones (bibliophile1887) wrote in bookish,
Mrs. Sam Jones

Looking for RSS feeds

What feeds do you recommend for keeping up with what's newly published, or what's coming soon? I have a lot of feeds on my google reader (bookslut, bookninja, confessions of an idiosyncratic mind,, internet writing journal, and others) , but I'm looking for more. I'm soon to be leaving my lovely job at the library, and I won't have access to the catalogs and review magazines anymore. Any feeds you could suggest would be most welcome!

  • Terminus, by Peter Clines

    A sequel to 14, in which the Great Old Ones arrive to eat the world. Kavach Press, 2020, 333 pages Murdoch’s past has finally come…

  • Burr, by Gore Vidal

    Aaron Burr in his own words... kind of. Random House, 1973, 430 pages Here is an extraordinary portrait of one of the most complicated -…

  • Aria: The Masterpiece, Volume 2

    Aria: The Masterpiece, Volume 2 by Kozue Amano Further life on the wet Mars, now known as Aqua. Akari helps a lost visitor, learns about the…

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