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Caine, Rachel: Ill Wind

Ill Wind
Writer: Rachel Caine
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 337

I never gave this series a second glance until my fellow writers in the SHU Writing Popular Fiction program started talking it up. And now I'm very, very glad I took a chance with the first book in the series. Beyond a doubt, this is one of the most unique urban fantasies I've ever read. No fangs, fur, or fae, but you've got Wardens who control Earth, Fire, and most important, the Weather, and it's done with such a realistic touch that you can't help but get sucked in. There's also Djinn, which are unfortunately under-utilized in fantasy, put it all together makes a great read. I've already bought books two and three in the series, if that tells you anything.

The premise: Joanne Baldwin is on the run. She's been accused of murder, is suffering from a Demon Mark inside, and there's only one person she can turn to, her former lover, Lewis. But there's one problem. He's the most powerful Warden on Earth, and he's missing. And all of Jo's power to control the weather may not be enough to stop the storm that's coming.

The full review, which does contain spoilers, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.

REVIEW: Rachel Caine's ILL WIND

Happy Reading! :)

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